Inzu Ya Masaba 2023 visit to Wales

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Umukuuka Mike Mudoma and Inzu Ya Masaaba delegates meeting with Welsh leaders/members of parliament
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H.H Umukuuka Mike Mudoma with Inzu Yamasaaba delegates after attending a Welsh parliament debate
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H.H Umukuuka Mike Jude Mudoma and delegates having a moment with Vice Chancellor of the University of West England

Mwenayo (greetings)!

A delegation of 16 Bugisu stakeholders led by Umukuuka III Mike Jude Mudoma was invited to Pontypridd, Wales for 7 days to engage in various meetings and talks in Bristol for two days courtesy of New Dawn International and University of West England.

One of the highlights for the trip was the 10th Anniversary Celebrations for IMUKA slated for Saturday 2nd December 2023 in London.

Bridges for Innovation International played a pivotal role in organizing and coordinating the trip, and remains committed to providing guidance and foster a Culture of travel as well as a paradigm shift towards a purposeful future for a new destiny for Bamasaaba , its leaders and its people and are keen to support a positive outlook that aims at making the Bamasaaba world a better place.

Among the activities that took place during the visit included visits to cultural village museums, meeting with key management and leaders, discussing the future partnerships, meetings with Town Council stakeholders, Mayors, a garbage recycling centre, brainstorm sessions on some of the key collaboration areas, agriculture, sports, environment, and tourism.

The visit also featured exploration to castles around Wales and evening VIP hosted parties, Atlanti coastline- cliffs, beaches and sand dunes as well as hold activity meetings to talk about potential collaborative projects and partnerships.

The delegation was hosted by the Welsh Assemby in Cardiff wherein the Welsh debate was observed from gallery and later met with the Welsh Government ministers and then proceeded to visit the National Museum of Wales thereafter.

This marked the third trip in a row from the previous May 2013; October 2019.

The November 2023 delegation has been more keen and committed to the cultural and local development wishes for Bamasaaba back home. Jayne Brencher the Honourally Council clearly put it that this 2023 group is the most committed group she has met from Uganda in Wales.

About the author: This update was compiled and prepared by Samuel W. Watulatsu, a Ford Fellow and one of the key delegates on the November 2023 visit to Wales