Inzu ya Masaaba works with individuals, companies, governments, non-governmental organizations, associations and different groups to achieve the goal of promoting sustainable development through as we preservation, promotion and enhancement of our culture and material economic heritage. 

Our partners and sponsors contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping to build stronger communities.

Associations and Chapters

To achieve her objectives, Inzu ya Masaaba (IYM) partners with Ba’Masaaba outside Masaabaland through associations and chapters.

Notable associations in diaspora are North America Masaaba Cultural Association (NAMCA) based in United States of America and Inzu Ya Masaaba United Kingdom Association (IMUKA) in United Kingdom. They work in conjunction with IYM to foster unity among Ba’Masaaba abroad, fundraise and contribute towards development in Masaabaland.

Inzu ya Masaaba also recognizes Ba’Masaaba who have organized themselves under student associations and chapters. These include Ba’Masaaba Kampala Chapter (BKC), Ba’Masaaba Jinja Chapter, Ba’Masaaba Busia Chapter, Ba’Masaaba in Kenya and Ba’Masaaba National Students Association (BANSA).

Development Partners

Inzu ya Masaaba is grateful to the following partners who have supported her causes over the years:

  • PONT, Wales
  • Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development
  • Uganda National Cultural Association
  • Uganda Tourism Board
  • Minstry of Defence
  • Uganda Breweries Limited
  • Nile Breweries Limited


By donating or sponsoring an activity at IYM, you are making a difference that enables us to make a difference. You will be supporting the programs of Inzu ya Masaaba that are geared towards conserving our heritage and developing Masaabaland.