Every heard of bull wrestling? Come to Bududa, a district in Masaabaland – bordering Kenya. This bull wrestling sport is found in Bungoma, a populous county in western Kenya. Here, bulls are grown and groomed for wrestling.


A bull being charged by fans before wrestling.

It is not accidental. No. It is a well-orchestrated fight, a well-intentioned fight where bull owners have prepared them for years to do just that. It can be likened to world wrestling in WrestleMania – only that this is a battle of bulls. It is one of the kind in Africa.

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Bull lock horns in a wrestling encounter.

Bull wrestling has been in existence since the mid-1950s. It replaced men wrestling after elders saw that it was breeding hatred and killings from rival families. This is a unique animal sport poised to attract many tourists across the continental divide.

Bull wrestling is normally held on Saturdays at Nashinde, Nabaloosi, Busanza and Namasho grounds in Bushika, Bududa, Bubiita and Bulucheke sub-counties in Bududa District.