Greetings from the slopes of Mount Elgon.

Welcome to our digital home filled with information and resource about the Bamasaaba people.

We are at a stage of major transitional changes that aim to make us all take pride in our heritage.

My cabinet team headed by the Prime Minister, Rt. Honourable Francis Nagimesi is spearheading among other initiatives, innovations like transforming our long oral-only tradition into both oral and written through our website as an information channel to bring Inzu Ya Masaaba to the entire world.

I am excited about and looking forward to periodically sharing the Cultural Council and General Assembly’s pioneering efforts in creativity and innovations. Their dedication is the reason we now have a digital home.

To all our partners at home and in diaspora, I thank you for believing in us and working with us to empower our communities.  I would like to recognize and appreciate the contributions of from the Government of Uganda, District Local Governments of Bugisu subregion, PONT,, IMUKA and NAMCA, 

In a very special way, I thank our own Umumasaaba residing in the United States called Apollo Namalu, who is donating time and money to advice and financially support our technology initiatives like the building and publishing of this website.

We will continue to rise stronger and strategically as a united Bamasaaba because of our commitment to Integrity, Hardwork, Servant Leadership and Humility. I call upon all Bamasaaba of Uganda, Kenya and Diaspora to embrace Inzu initiatives towards our vision of a united people for sustainable development as we continue to preserve, promote and enhance our culture and material economic heritage. 

I look forward to unconditionally serve you all as well as your continued support and promotion of our programs.

Umukuuka We Bamasaaba
Uwelukoosi Umukuuka II Bob S.K. Mushikori